The Truth About dentemax

You in our hearts just walk  away slowly two hikers in California got more nature than they bargained for one day during a hiking trip on the High Sierra Trail in Sequoia National Park last month season Tigers Sam von der Heide and Bryan McKinley were on.

Their first day of their day hike and while recording their adventure as they walked the duo suddenly found themselves face-to-face with a large mountain lion the big cat stared them down but the pair managed to keep their wits about them enough to back away slowly pulled a while trying not to agitate.


The huge File this tactic apparently worked as the two lived to tell the tale wildlife biologist Daniel Gammon said both men did the right thing by not acting like they were prey and made themselves appear larger by waving their arms over their heads to hold off.

The animal the men later set up a camp two miles away from where they encountered the mountain lion but neither of them slept that night and just when they were finishing their hike that’s when they noticed all the warning signs that have been put in place for.


The visitors Amazon patents mobile delivery drone fulfillment centers  amazon recently patented a network of mobile drone delivery hubs that can deliver items from moving workstations based on moving vehicles amazon’s inter modal vehicles look similar to shipping containers with fulfillment centers inside and drone maintenance equipment.

The vehicles are designed to be loaded on moving trains which are equipped with drones that can deliver items amazon’s proposed network of mobile fulfillment centers could cut the costs of building fixed warehouses the system could also be fitted onto ships and trucks as cool as the mobile network may look there’s no guarantee that Amazon is really going forward with the system.

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