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Decision dentemax about in general I think that’s how dentists and most people like to operate and as we’re talking here and I just want Fariba what if someone’s like hey I want to reach out to you guys not just sponsor good guys how would.

  • LS she done that that’s great so we’ll drop it in the comments Jim you so we connect with you I’m a fourth-year dental student
  • I you know fill out the application with a disability I get the medical test let’s just use an example of it
  • I know this this can go on the rod in the directions but dental student has no medical problems healthiest could be not much to
  • I don’t know if I’m using the right terms there you guys might say medial distal to sound cool with parties what do.

I say riders you know it was it called a riot or if it’s Public Citizen then you give them some options and then how do they actually get the disability they start paying for it while they’re in school they pay for it when they’re out of school tell me

a little bit about that it’s their choice really we’re very flexible with them and we really let them drive the bus if you will so your absolute right we we can do an application together we we get their medical rating and then it’s really not an uncomfortable conversation from .

There because their medical record speaks for itself and what we offer them is the same thing that other people could offer them as well what.

We think makes this a little different is relationship building and we just have lots of experience in the dental space and I mean I mean I’m year old exhausted dad that’s my calling card but you know I was healthier