dental insurance with no waiting period


understanding the leasing  dental insurance with no waiting period arrangement that insurance companies have with one another now some of you already know that when you join principle that may also put you in the network with emeritus under the principle fee schedule if you join Aetna that may place you in a network  with assurance or dental health alliance under the Aetna fee schedule.

dental insurance with no waiting period

the very beginning of this presentation I mentioned that you want to identify the direct contracts that you have with each insurance company and here’s a reason why you might be dental insurance with no waiting period contracted with connection dental only  and that will place you in network with almost all of these plants here depending on which state you practice in and this is.

important because if I can get a higher fee schedule from connection dental then I can get out of principle well then i’m certainly going to go ahead and only join connection  dental so this is a little bit complex because in certain states this list is actually double so what I recommend that you do is visit our website dental fee negotiator calm or send us.

an email and we can help you navigate which ppl plans to join which ones you don’t want to join and what the best financial benefit might be in  creating a solid and profitable PPO structure in terms of joining new ppl plans now the third part of building your insurance profile is you want to identify your style of dentistry as it relates to billing most.

general dentist practices have CDT codes that represent ninety percent of their revenue so when it comes to negotiating  a fee schedule focus on the fees that matter the most there are over CDT codes on a fee schedule and if you focus on the ones that don’t give you profit you’ll be spinning your wheels when you negotiate with insurance companies because on their side their tactic is let’s give you increases  dental insurance with no waiting period on procedure codes that you don’t regularly.