How To Get dental insurance no waiting period for major services

dental insurance no waiting period for major services who nobody would you know very few people would take into their home and so at any given time they had to – you know or more of these children in their home and their arrangement was that they the.

The woman worked during the day at the dental practice but then and took care of the children in the evening and on the weekends and the husband .

  • Worked that so so this new vision that required three weekends a year and some extra hours didn’t work and you can see .
  • Where she’s a she’s a one it would be easy to say I can’t do weekends and assume she’s not a game not a team player she’s not a team player but had nothing to do .
  • With being a team player it had to do with a disalignment or a unaligned meant .
  • With her life vision and the work vision and so creating a space where we can have those conversations and we can say she said I
    dental insurance no waiting period for major services
    dental insurance no waiting period for major services

    This is where my life is going and I cannot give weekends and we said okay then would you be up for discussing could you help us find a replacement could you help us train .

A replacement could you could you come back in maybe and we’ll help you we’ll write letters or whatever we need to do make some phone calls for some dentists around but don’t have these same plans but don’t have the same vision and let’s get you moved into a place .

Where you can feel secure that you can do both and so he was able to maintain that relationship we were able to ease into it over time but it created alignment which only can come when of when an owner is clear and the team members are clear so it’s a great discussion if you do it.

Well if you have a good facilitator there I think it’s essential to have people who know how to keep you kind of out of the out of the weeds and and keep the conversations going in a positive direction but but he was really good at it and committed to it in it and it made a big difference so it was a great example .